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All our solutions are customizable for optimum efficiency and integration into your business. Our in-house research and development team adds to the value of our offering, keeping our clients up to date with current technology.


Having been in the industry for the past 13 years, CANCOM can offer experienced knowledge with for-seeable turnaround times when handing in documentation, collecting and delivering important vehicle license’s on behalf of the client. 


Our ID TECH™ LICENSING is a turnkey solution for the complete management of all vehicle related licensing and registration requirements. Our suite of products handles everything involved from Fleeting through to de-fleeting of fleets. All vehicles that are up for renewal are automatically processed or upon request through our WEB Based system that is password protected, are renewed and delivered directly to you.



Every company or other juristic person must have an accountable person who is ultimately responsible for dealing with licencing, as well as traffic fines issues. The consequence of ignoring a summons is the immediate imposition of a contempt of court charge and most often, the issue of a warrant of arrest, which may indeed be executed at a roadblock, provided that the execution thereof complies with the Criminal Procedure Act. Cancom has a dedicated proxy team who will take over the responsibility of your traffic fines as well as the licensing and registration of your vehicle, implying that you wont have to stress about the status of your fleet.


CANCOM provides an automated turnkey solution for the management of traffic fine liability. The process is managed in accordance with the relevant timelines and scope of the relevant infringement whether it be a CPA or AARTO matter. We also have an array of ancillary products to compliment our fine management system providing us with the ability to ‘auto re-direct’ a traffic fine to the correct offender.


  • Legal representation of traffic fines
  • Negotiations of traffic fines and/or payments
  • Automated Fine Redirection
  • AARTO Traffic Fine Management
  • Proxy ownership

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