Fully Automated Vehicle & Driver Management

So much more than telematics! CANFLEET is your fleet management solution offering complete management of assets and personnel to aid in cost containment.


To manage a fleet, it is important to have systems and processes that optimize your fleet compliments. CANFLEET is a built-in system that manages and accounts for a businesses fleet. 

The system is integrated with a telematics system to track your vehicles.


Our vehicle hardware contains a G-Sensor, which detects collisions within a certain value, and will notify a party within your organization of such an incident. Such incidents can then be pro-actively managed in an automated manner, within the constraints of your business processes and rules.


Successful fleet management is premised on managing driver personnel and their driving habits at all times. Our system is designed to take a pro-active, self-managed approach to driver management, ensuring that your divers perform at their best.



Knowing what your assets are doing at all times, and building in automated functions, to ensure that your vehicles, and processes are sweated to the maximum, ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum.


“We confirm that Bidvest Car Rental have dealt with Canfleet on an innovative new project since the beginning of last year and also with the sister company Cancom on a larger scale for many years, during which time they have provided our business with innovative solutions, excellent support in several areas of fleet management ranging from systems to hosted solutions. Their work has been of a consistently high standard and their services are now integral to us providing a seamless service to our customers.”

Wayne Mee

“We have found the service exceptionally professional and diligent. Their innovative approach to fleet management has proven within our business to be the way of the future, eliminating user error, and proactively managing all aspects of fleet control and usage”

Sibusiso M.Shongwe